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Premium assistance at Telkom Faster

Getting help at Telkom Faster

Quick and reliable solutions to get assistance.



Looking for assistance is the first thing everyone does when something goes wrong,

In panic we are unclear of the objective end up reporting incorrect information or out of anger when clients are in your ear having a bad day can tear down all the walls make you sound like a thunder how soon you forget the simple rules of engagement to get attention is the first thing, but the get premium support you have to respect others and listen well and take notes.



Talk to the right individual or ask to be transferred to department that works with the problem.



As soon as you get your call answered clearly identify yourself, area, account and ask for service help.




Do not over explain your issues rather try to address what the current problem is



Over explaining causes confusion, rather say "I have internet problem", consultant will ask you what's wrong then you say "I doesn't work", they will ask you questions that will enable them to quickly isolate your problem quicker the sooner this happens the faster you will get assistance.




Stay calm on the phone, ensure you have clear reception and that your voice is clear



Telephone agents usually work in high noise areas, The enviroment consisting of many circumstances where other agents end up quitting jobs because customers make them feel bad or fail to explain problems correctly end up not getting your problem solved, Issues where you try to ensure you are heard but emphasise respect and honor put emotions aside. we at BD Group have a way for you that goes as follows to address problem areas before contacting telkom.




Our solutions for quicker premium support by understanding the support model.




  1. Identity the problem in the home or office first without making a mess of things ensure wires, cables are all intact, signal verify all these.
  2. Isolate the problem by trying other devices, in case you have no network on your phone check with someone in the same area, ask them to come to your building check if there is no interferences etc...
  3. Resolve the problem with telkom if isolation failed
  4. Confirm with telkom if the problem is solved rather than reporting issue and not phoning back when the issue is sorted this will raise priority of your account every business needs good reputation and having a professional customer is an asset.







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