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Hi Telkom, 


I really hope someone can help me. I am still waiting on the installation of a 10mbs ADSL line to my home in Beachview, Port Elizabeth. An Openserve technician was sent out over a week ago to install, however there appears to be a problem in the cable box, which has somehow been buried, with nobody at Telkom being able to remember where it is (he spent over an hour wandering around my suburb on the phone to Telkom, looking for it). He logged a fault, and I had to call and sit on hold to be informed that a team would be sent out in 5 business days to find and dig up the cables. Nothing has happened, and I tried calling your sales agents this morning, who confirmed that nobody has been sent out. When I asked whether there was a date planned as to when the team was scheduled to be sent, I was told that the agents "don't have access to the information", and that I must just "wait" and that I will be contacted "once it is done to set up an installation date." 


This, as you can imagine, is highly frustrating, and while I understand the call centre agent, the Open Serve technician and the person reading this post are not to blame for the state of affairs, I am really hoping someone on one of these chanels of communication can please just somehow get the ball rolling on getting this cable box dug up so that I can take receipt of my product, or at the very least give me the date that has been scheduled for this team to come out and find the box, as there must be one. Even if it's weeks or months away, I just want to know when this is due to be happening.




Cameron Cordell 


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