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Struggling to cancel my ADSL and Land line.

Can someone from Telkom services, please speak one langauge. One consultant over the phone told me that I should go in to 

a Telkom store. The other told me, I should e-mail a copy of my ID and Account bill and e-mail it to servicescancellations@telkom.co.za. The next person tells me to fill in a form.  I can't believe what I got myself into. I have been struggling for the last month cancelling my ADSL line. What a Joke. 


I have decided not to pay Telkom bill. Then they can blacklist me. I don't give a F@%*.   There is not way I am paying for something

that does not work properly.                CANCEL MY FREAKIN LINE!!!!!!!!!! Why do you have to jump through hoops and fire?

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Re: Struggling to cancel my ADSL and Land line.

yo @tinkerbell69 this is not a support channel. i dropped you pm. check it out. 

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