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Technician issues

Hi there 


 we have a telkom box with no lid and the device is exposed to the rain and bad weather conditions , which was effecting our lines . After a number of logging calls and following up with Telkom . Telkom shows up with a new pole then a new box . the guy insisted on getting paid by telkom so he worked a number of hours putting in a new pole for no reason . so another techician was called out and the awesome worker was happy enough to help tie a packet around the device so I have a working line and internet when it rains . I honestly cant believe we live in the 21st century if the customer have to go to such an extented to try and fix telkom problems and we pay for this service . This is the shocking part ,  yesterday a Techician  was abusive with his words and was using it on ladies ( my mother and negibour ) shouting because he feels it not part of his job to help a customer ( all the ladies asked if he could please tie the packet back once done cause the box got no lid for now and this is the issue why the packet is used ), which my mum and the neighbour was speaking respectfully to him. he was shouting in Zulu and english to my neighbour and my mum and he tear the packet and refused to help the customer   . I dont care what happening in your techicians lives but you dont speak to ladies in that manner, who cant defend themself against an aggressive speaking male . I will take this personally one step further if telkom does not look into this matter . Clearly telkom knows now why the company is doing really bad . you cant allow employee's to speak to customer's in this way . I will not in the future be a customer with telkom  . I will take this to social media to make people knowledgeable that telkom have abusive speaking Techicians that have no manners in talking to woman . This is not the first time this have happened . The  Company name is - comms Global , Vechicle number plate NPN 89087 of the techichian . I hope you take action against this else I wont stand down . In the future a Telkom and any of telkom 3rd party companies empolyees are not allowed on our property and we will take legal action if they enter on our property without premission in the future .  My email address if you need to contact me : nirvanasunkardutt@gmail.com

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Re: Technician issues

Nirvana, my complaint may be different and I will comment on various other persons posts - we need to find a way to be able to contact the swines hiding behind these call-centre and systems they have oput in place making it the most angering and frustrating thing ever trying to resolve matters with these despots.  It is in every single aspect run by TELKOM, you simply cannot find or communicate with anyone to hold anyone acountable for anything.  I had a call agent putting the phone down on me again this evening.  Besides him being a fool he clearly had no will to try and even help resolve an issue which is now in it's 8th week.


I've tried EVERYTHING, last option now ICASA and find an adress one can post a legal letter to haul these a rat out of the sewer,


Our issues all differ, however imo every one is a symptom of bigger issues - we need to try and adress that first.  Find a route to where these high-salaried RATS hide.  There lies the issue, the rest such as the peripherals including contractors are but the symptoms of a sick dysfunctional company.

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Re: Technician issues

 Telkom outsource they call center , so the call center agent can only log a call and keep logging a call every time someone in telkom just closes a call , even when the issue is not resolved .  The stores no more can deal with your issues cause Telkom no more allows stores to look up calls and handle issues . Telkom so smartly does not want existing customers  coming into stores complaining , while people are purchasing products .  A Telkom store consultant  solution was I go find another provider and cancel Telkom service cause he has no idea how I can get someone to fix my issue cause all I can do is log a call and wait for months .  

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