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Telkom ISDN line dead, no support from Call centre

On 2015/10/22 we lost all our lines, call - 31BWI221015, the lines were restored the same day except one.

Call was closed by technician without even contacting us to confirm the line is working.

Logged new call - 3CWI261015, same thing, call closed by technician and line still not working.

Logged new call - 15CWI101115, still waiting for the line to be repaired.


It is now more than 5 weeks and the lone is still not working and it is imposable to get any information from your call centre as the phones are just not answered.


Please resole this issue as it is affecting our business as this is one of out Video Conference lines and we can't use the system due to low bandwidth.

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Re: Telkom ISDN line dead, no support from Call centre

Hi @Leon


Just wanted to highlight that this Community is a peer 2 peer support channel where our members support each other. This is not a service channel, and as such we will not be responding to service related questions.


We do have other avenues for service related support available.


Check this post on How to get Help

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Re: Telkom ISDN line dead, no support from Call centre

Dear Sir / Madame


As NONE of your support service seem to be working, this seemed to be the only other way to contact Helkom

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Re: Telkom ISDN line dead, no support from Call centre

It's the sad truth but Leon is right, there are currently no reasonable ways to get support from telkom in a timely and cost effective manner.

Why should it be OK to hold on for 30mins+ when trying to resolve a problem.

Why should WE have to pay the cellphone costs trying to get an answer on a query (the phone line is dead remember so your "Free when calling from a telkom line" is BS)

Why should we have to pay cellphone data costs trying to log a fault online or waiting forever for the chat window (which BTW does not work).

Why promote "Using the Community" when all they do is put you back where you came from... holding on for freaking ages??

Yes, I have tried all avenues without success... Cancelling telkom account in 3....2....1..... unless Charl or someone else can help us




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Re: Telkom ISDN line dead, no support from Call centre

I too have a dead ISDN line in Cape Town that we reported to Telkom on the 18th of January. To date no feedback has been received and the fault just remains open.


After sitting on the phone with 10217 for 25 minutes and counting, ( most of that time listening to Telkom's aweful hold music ) still no joy. The operator is trying to escalate. Escalate! This fault is 7 working days old! How long does Telkom need to fix a simple ISDN line.


Telkom admits that it should take no more than 5 days to at the very least investigate a fault and provide feedback. In this case they gave me an escalation ref. and asked me to wait another 24 hours. 


Another 24 hours of lost sales at that office. Thank you Telkom!

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