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Telkom has disappointed time and time again!

Were to begin, Telkom has disappointed time and time again! In December 2019 I phoned to change the account details for payment, they could not do this over the phone and I understand. But the consultant said my payment date can be amended to the 1st. In Feb a debit order bounced as the funds transferred to my old account cleared on month end and the debit order ran earlier that morning. From there it has been downhill. • Problems with cancelations of services • Multiple calls to Call centre to correct the mistake (Account prob) • Phone call by Telkom collection • Problems adding new services etc On Friday the 8th of May I got an SMS that my account has been suspended. Immediately I phoned Telkom to ask them to correct. They sent an email to a team leader. The same day their collections phoned me an said I am overdue I need to settle the account (account was overpaid and only current is due) I explained the whole situation to the lady. Saturday my services was disconnected, I phoned them at about 8 and they apologised and said in 5 hours It will be rectified. Again, no joy…. Monday the 11th I phoned again at 8 and the same story 5 hours……. I have phoned again at 14:00 and again I need to wait…….. Telkom… Your service is absolutely pathetic! Last week I wanted to get a VOIP service from you to keep all my stuff under one roof and guess what….. Your “team” gave me some story about it won’t work on LTE or I need to go to a branch…. I managed to get a VOIP service provider and get everything running in one day……
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