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Re: The correct Email address to submit complaints to Telkom Senier management.

Cancel my previous line on my ADSL + Telephone line as I moved to a new address in July 2019 to a new address with a fiber connection, my account still reflect and charge with ADSL plus previous telephone line in October 2019 on my bill. On many phone calls to Telkom bill and with confirmation that this ADSL was cancel.

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Re: The correct Email address to submit complaints to Telkom Senier management.

My Telkom line is 012 3293349, my address is 664 Adcockstreet, Rietfontein, my cell number is 0727013384

On Friday 11 October they delivered a Huawei rooter to my home after 3 unsuccesful excercises, which I did not asked for, the saleslady said to me it is compulsary because Telkom is moving from copper lines to LTE..... and it will be free and our conversation is reccorded and I quote, mam you just plugged and used it easy peasy.......REALLy.......I signed for it and did not opened it at all until Sunday 13th October after coming back from church at 11:00 , suddenly no access to my telephone line, or access to wifi or iternet, I reported it so many times this week here is the references numbers; 30197946, 523750209,  30197946, E100607665, 523750253A,30496259, 30528590, 30549558, I phoned today 5 times to the numbers 10210 and 10213 with no luck,.

The last lady from sales Samantha told me to cancel my account. She also mentioned that they did not delivered the simcard because Telkom is out of stock, now after 20 years of services with you guys where I had a few logistic problems and never not paid my account she told me to just cancel my service because I requested my old line back with internet and wifi.  Is it so difficult.

I am so UNHAPPY, because on sunday evenings I spoke to my children abroad and I could'nt do it......the sevice by telling to cancel my Telkom line is not right answer to provide customers....you will defintely lose customers.  Please I need my ASDL line to be active as well as my telephone line.  I am waiting anxiously for your response.  Tks Anica

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Re: The correct Email address to submit complaints to Telkom Senier management.



Please note that Telkom stopped their service last month on the 17th due to one debit unpaid, and I didnt have money in my account and I wasnt aware it wasnt paid.


I called in to find out why did they stop the service if they expect me to still pay yhe full amount even though i didnt get the full service and I was informed thats just how things works.


On the 27th of September they took double payment of R1054.29 for September and October, and the following week i got an sms stating that Telkom will collect 3 payments.


I called in again to ask why and the consultant told me it is an arror, a week later i got a statement sent to my email stating the 3 payment of R1783.70  and till today i havwnt received the correct statement.


what is wrong with your system and why is this not corrected???