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Transferring a line to another company

We wanted to transfer a normal analogue voice line from our company to our sister company so they could move it within the building to their office. Telkom instructed me to mail stocst@telkom.co.za with documentation. I sent that in on 24 July. There was no answer to that or subsequent emails.


I got called back on 19 October. That's 3 months. The person I spoke to had one question I could not answer - but I could not call her back because they have no incoming numbers. I gave her the details of a person at the new company to call.


The line has still not been moved to their account.

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Re: Transferring a line to another company

Hey there @coderanger

Go to https://secureapp.telkom.co.za/move-line/ and fill in all the needed information or phoning 

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Re: Transferring a line to another company

What a joke. I'm sure the very talented people at TELKOM were able to assist. Hahahaha!

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