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Trying to get a Credit for Cancelled ADSL Line

Hi Telkom Reps


Trying unsuccessfully to get a credit for an ADSL line cancelled


Telkom have have not passed the full credit for the ADSL line which was cancelled. The ADSL cancellation letter was sent to STocST@telkom.co.za on 02 Nov 2015. Then again on 15 Dec 2015 and then again to naidot25@telkom.co.za after escalation again on 11 Jan 2016, yet you have only credited for 6 to 11 Feb 2016. What about the credit for 02 Decemeber 2015 to 06 February 2016?


If you check your records, you will see the line was not used at all after 02 Nov, because the service was replaced with Telkom LTE. Why should we have to pay for 2 services?


Call Centre & Web Chat waiting times off the charts and still can't get through to the correct people


PLEASE ASSIST ME TO GET A CREDIT. PM for my contact details


Thanks in advance

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Re: Trying to get a Credit for Cancelled ADSL Line

hi there. this is not a service channel. your best bet would be to call accounts and have one of the consultants log a dispute for you.

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Re: Trying to get a Credit for Cancelled ADSL Line


This could have been written by us

Same problem

Took over a year to cancel the service , however we kept getting charged, so we stopped paying'

We now have a huge account and interest keeps getting added

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