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Updating company details failure

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We've tried to update our details for 3 business accounts with Telkom numerous times. Telkom has our PRI listed as a RESIDENTIAL account ?! The service desk is never much help and insists we must travel 250km to the nearest Telkom office (since they've closed all the ones between here and there), in person, in order to resolve our problem. Which is strange since I negotiated the installation and contract for our PRI completely via e-mail....


One account still uses the ID number of a retired director, and each time we speak to someone, send a letter, or try to update these details we hit a brick wall of unhelpfulness. Somtimes they even refuse to speak to me because while I'm an employee at the organisation who is paying their bills and responsible for the payment itself, I'm not the registered account holder. The particular account holder has been out of contact for the past 20 years and we have no valid contact details for this person any longer.


Every different consultant I speak to at the service desk gives me a different answer or solution to the problem, ultimately none of which works.


Has anyone any idea who to speak to regarding business lines that'll be helpful in this regard? Or any suggestions on what to do?

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