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Useless Customer service

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We have just signed up a business fibre account with 5 static IP's


Our sales person sold us an incorrect product, after her assusring us it will work with no problem. Now since the installation we have still not been able to use this service. We are at the point now where our sales person Is now no longer insterested in helping and is ignoring our plea for help. 


Why should we as the customer have to beg you to get our service to just work? 


Our product was ammended and we have the right product now, however it is still not working! It has been 6 days since i was last able to contact someone regarding this! Our sales person now ignores us.


Please can someone on here help me escalate this issue to a competent individual who can get this sorted out as a matter of urgency, if not i want details of someone who can cancel this service immediately and we will NOT pay for any cancellation fees.


I would prefer not to take the legal route with this, as i am sure this is in violation of the Consumer Protection Act. The product was misrepresented to us, and the process for resolving this is non existent.


Please get back to me ASAP

Posts: 3

Re: Useless Customer service

seems like telkom dont even give a **bleep** here either. Anyway i have put in for cancellation of the new services. I advise everyone, DONT USE TELKOM!

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