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450gb mo nice night surfer

please can someone riddle me this...i have the telkom night surfer prepaid all was going well till about a few days i cannot download almost anything at all...i normally go through about 40gb of night surfer atm im down to 11gb and when midnight starts i have to reset my phone and then start....every night...and then...signal stays on edge...EVEN THOUGH my phone takes 3G....

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Re: 450gb mo nice night surfer

i have that problem too. telkom would once in a while (i think do maintenance) and you cant process anything and still get signal. If they are not back online by 00.15 or 00.30, then they will be offline for the nite


ps: you lucky to get the 450gb, ive been using the 500gb nite surfer since december 2017 and they dont give me the option on mo'nice to purchase it Smiley Sad

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