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450gb mo nice night surfer

please can someone riddle me this...i have the telkom night surfer prepaid package...now all was going well till about a few days ago...now i cannot download almost anything at all...i normally go through about 40gb of night surfer data...now atm im down to 11gb and when midnight starts i have to reset my phone and then start....every night...and then...signal stays on edge...EVEN THOUGH my phone takes 3G....


checked online to see if my place of work takes the package as i wasnt sure and guess what....IT DOES...so why why why can i NOT do much with the night surfer...called the call centre and they say that they do not know what is going on....as usual this is something that gets said...so guess what...SORT IT OUT

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Re: 450gb mo nice night surfer

Hi @quintin35


We're also customers in the forum so can't help much with service issues ( no Telkom support agents here).


Your night surfer data is only available on Telkom LTE network so if you’re outside range of their tower it switches your usage to normal data on roaming.


You can check your data balances & expiry dates on Telkom customer portal, or their app .


If that doesn’t help send a detailed message to a Telkom media support team , they respond well with decent feedback.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Good luck unriddling.  

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Re: 450gb mo nice night surfer

hello Kathy...


thank you for the reply and sorry for the VERY late response...it has been a while since i was on this forum and never saw your message

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Re: 450gb mo nice night surfer

hi @quintin35

You're welcome, hope you came right with the data issue . If so could you let us know what you did and tick if resolved -  might help others with the same issue - cheers !

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