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Customer service from Telkom is way below comparing to MTN

The day I signed up for contract with Telkom was the beginning of endless calls and messages to follow up on my application until I lost interest. It's very depressing and frustrating to see such a well known Organization not delivering accordingly.
It took me 2 weeks to get my device after signing up with MTN, as for Telkom I'm still running up and down with no direction. Can someone else confirm if they've received a better from service Telkom. I just wanna see the stats.
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Re: Customer service from Telkom is way below comparing to MTN

This is just my biggest fear. I signed up on the 15 of March because they had a better deal. No delivery until now, and only told that the devices are out of stock. My contract with another network provider was due for an upgrade at the end of March. I keep postponing because I keep hoping that Telkom will deliver. It is actually very frustrating, considering that the sales consultants were all over me within minutes of showing interest. Now no one is even interested, while I'm caught in between contracts.

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