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Debit Order Fraud

I just want to warn people about doing business with Telkom.

A few months ago i signed up for Telkom mobile, the R139pm package they are currently offering.

In order to sign up for this service you have to authorise debit order payment.

This is the only time recently that i had to give out my ID# and bank account details.

2 weeks ago i received an sms stating that my account would be debited with an amount of R119. Something to do with Rush rewards. I immediately phoned FNB who informed me that this was a scam, and should the debit order go off, i should stop and dispute it online.

I also googled and found other people who had been caught out in a similar fashion:



The debit order went off, and i reversed it.

I am still receiving phishing sms's from whoever sent the rush rewards scam sms.

So beware

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Re: Debit Order Fraud

Incorrect capturing leads to all kinds of messy circumstances, follow it through till the end.

You might need a website one day ~ www.orenlabs.co.za
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