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Endless problems with telkom.

1. I missed a payment for 2 months for my contract. I did make a payment of R498 on the 28th of September. My account got debited for over R949 which includes the missed payments and the connection fee. Up till today I have not been credit for the R498 that I paid. I called the call centre and they told me that the R498 needs to be allocated to my account when I used the reference that they provided & that the R949 also needs to be allocated to my account which i don’t understand because that was debited.


2. I need a proof of purchase for my phone as its being repaired and will only be released when I provide that. I called the mobile department, they told me to call the sales department as I purchased the phone through the call centre so they should have the records. So I call the sales department & they tell me to call the mobile department & this went on for the past 3 days & still no help...


3. I logged onto my online profile and it says i need to pay R1198 by the 31st of October. Which I don’t understand because my account is now up to date & my instalment is R249.


Telkom please help urgently before month end as I am sending emails to you guys & calling the call centre every day.

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