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I ordered a macbook air three weeks ago, when i first went to my branch at the Springs Mall in Johannesburg it was not available, i was told that i would have it by the end of that week which would only be a few days after as they had to order it from their head office in Cape Town, this order was done while i was at the branch standing there and waiting on confirmation. Everyday since then i have only been receiving bad excuses for not having received it as yet!!!

Last week Monday (which would make it just under three weeks after i was at the branch making the order) i was told that they had to re-order it due to the ONE and ONLY macbook air available at the time in ALL OF TELKOM (the exact same one they had a special on during the first week of March) was only available at the Cape Town branch at the time of my order but was given to another customer in Cape Town as their system did not pick up on a order from the Springs branch - WTF??? How does a company run specials on a product that isn't available at the time of the special and this without notifying consumers of any backorders they clearly have AND how do they chop and change orders around to suit their own needs?? Before i could lay another complaint via phone today and obviosly waiting over a half hour in order to do so, they had already known about me or the complaint i was about to lay out before i could tell them who i was - on that alone i knew i was dealling with obvious crap - they know me and they know about this problem but once again i was told that i had to wait another 7 working days before ill receive it - that would make it more than another week and half which would make it an all and all 6weeks of waiting for a **bleep** thing i could have bought from Vodacom or MTN and have had it already... Since when does service delivery not apply and especially to a Nationally recognized company as big as Telkom? Have they gotten so big that we as their EXCELLENT paying customers or the consumer for that matter mean squat to them anymore???

TELKOM, IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE THE PRESSURE OR THE STOCK PROCESSING ON YOUR SYSTEMS, then at least tell us the dilemma when we apply for the products in stead of selling us a service that you could never and WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO HANDLE, you're not only fooling us but yourselves thinking you're the best... yeah the best in **bleep**!!!

I am so fed up and beyond furious with their excuses, CRAP service and **bleep** manner of working - they couldn't even give me the correct department to talk to cause according to them, their stock system is different from their customer system - THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE THESE PROBLEMS AND SINCE WHEN IS THAT MY OR ANY CONSUMERS PROBLEM - JUST FIX YOUR **bleep** THEN?? guess if i had to skip a month on my VERY GOOD ACCOUNT with them, they will be on my neck like a mozi at the Red sea!!!

This is completely insane and Telkom is THE MOST USELESS **bleep**TEST SERVICE DELIVERY COMPANY IN SA EVER!!!

I wish and pray that another communications company will take over and beat them in ALL THEIR FAULTS, and im sure it wouldn't be that hard for someone else to succeed in since TELKOM is so poor in work ethics their busy killing themselves- it seems their is rather a lot problems and bad service delivery and its only due to their own idiocy!!
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Spot on ...i agree
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