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Land line service terminated?

Reported a fault on my line (used for ADSL and voice) on 8 September 2018. A technician came past on the 10th and said the problem was probably a cable fault and since then basically nothing. We have attempted to get information since then but have been unsuccessful, both on the help line and by visiting Telkom shops. Does anyone know if Telkom has decided to stop servicing my area but don't want to admit it? My area is in Edenvale. The service was fine on the morning of the 8th September but suddenly stopped in the late morning. A month later am still in the dark as to whether they intend to fix or just abandon me.
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Re: Land line service terminated?

Just to make this clear, I am not asking this community for direct help which should come from Telkom, I am asking if Telkom has started abandoning some areas as not being worth servicing but are avoiding admitting it. In the meanwhile I continue to attempt to follow up with them as soul destroying as it is.
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Re: Land line service terminated?

Thank goodness we have not been abandoned, fault was finally adressed and fixed. Only problem was that one of my neibours would not allow the technician on to his property but was able eventually to get to the terminal from another neibours place bordering on the point. I know it is illegal to refuse entry but a bit difficult with an aggressive person, hopefully his attitude will eventually have consequences.

Anyway thanks for fixing, hope you guys can speed it up a bit in future.

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