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I have applied for an mobile contract on 14/11/2018, then got offered an router contract as well. I accepted, received the router but no mobile phone. I have been phoning and get send from pillar to post with nobody able to assist me. Telkom made a debit order deduction from my banking account iro the mobile contract yet NO mobile received. Been phoning 10213 and 081180 to find out whats going on. Gets told declined, then approved, then bureau info don't match etc - can someone assist me in this mess and get it sorted asap.

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So what you have to do is call all departments involved simultaneously, in your case its sales and billing, once you have both on the line you ask where's my phone and y are you being billed for the phone, sales will direct you to billing and bill in will direct you to sales. The moment that happens the problem will be half way solved because then you can make them talk to each other (its rather amusing the way they argue with eachother) then you ask both departments to put the supervisors on the phone (make sure to note the names) and hey presto your problem will be solved.
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