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New lines R700 deposit

Hi there,

I have applied online for the installation of ADSL line - I received a SMS shortly after that with my order number. During this time I also received a call from Telkom and all my details was confirmed. Then all went quiet and last night I received a SMS from Telkom indicating that I must make a payment of Xamount as deposit prior to my installation can take place. With this SMS I received a BAN number as well as long reference number. I would like to make this payment using ABSA and doing an EFT but I see that Telkom is a listed beneficiary with ABSA but there is two options - LANDLINE and MOBILE. How do I do this payment to get my installation going? Please help.... To get through on the 10213 number is a challenge and I was referred to the Billing department and still no answer on what approach to follow. 

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Re: New lines R700 deposit

Hi @Gouwsjj1


Adsl installation would fall under Telkom landline division.  I don’t know about  ABSA IB -  but Telkom website FAQs info not clear either about deposits.  I’d say best to do a ‘ once-off’ deposit  EFT  using the Telkom SMS deposit reference , then add them as beneficiary later when they send your full user account number for permanent reference. 


There should be an option in your IB to email proof of payment to Telkom near the end of the EFT transaction.


Telkom website FAQs :  -



How can I make sure my EFT or direct deposit payment goes smoothly?

“Avoid complications by using your full Telkom account number as a reference when paying via EFT or deposit.”



Hope this helps.

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Re: New lines R700 deposit


I am confused as to how to pay this fee, I use FNB and there is an option for "Telkom Telephone Accounts" beneficiary. I received an SMS to pay R700 on BAN number and was also given a long reference number. Is the BAN number an account number? How exactly do I make this payment, when I select Telkom Telephone Account, I don't have an option to enter the BAN number anywhere??

If anyone knows how to do this on FNB please assist.

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