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Re: No more R500GB

Morning Kathy,


No, no luck yet, I wasn't sure of the set up as I was an ADSL client who eventually threw my toys out of the cot and cancelled, came over to LTE as a prepaid client.


Your 1st of the month made perfect sense, so I decided to wait until today........got my 10GB for R126, but still no night surfer bundle, so will phone them now.

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Re: No more R500GB



Thanks for update, so frustrating - must be a Telkom system issue.  They won't see your posts here ( we're customers in the forum),  so if no joy by tomorrow send a private message with a screenshot of the SMS to a Telkom media team for decent feedback & results. They usually speed things up.


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PS    Was your adsl cancellation formally confirmed finalised by Telkom ? (  just asking in case of some sort of service glitch on your account profile  between their fixed line /mobile / accounts systems - wouldn't be a 'first'  )






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Re: No more R500GB

[ Edited ]

Morning, No luck with Telkom yet, getting someone to answer the telephone seems to be an issue with them as well. Will keep trying. Also  disccovered I am not even getting the 10GB (30 day) deal on my second router now either, even though I had it last month and used it all, so obviously ongoing problems is the name of their game..


Yes my ADSL account was finalised by Telkom, and there are no problems there.


Its dificult to remain optermistic with these guys, but that is the reason I went prepaid, I can just swap out the SIM card to whoever offers the best deal that particulr month.

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Re: No more R500GB

can some one please assist I am trying to change ownership of  a COMPANY telephone line and we have been given form V160714 which seems to only apply to INDIVIDUALs.  Is this the right form?

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