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Porting OUT of Telkom!

So I'd like to port out from Telkom to Vodacom. I have been trying to do it for more than a MONTH! A Month!! I don't understand how a Network Provider could slack to this extent! Listen, every time I call y'all, it takes me about half an hour to get a consultant. Yesterday was not any different, I waited for 50 minutes and I got no help!

You know what I think!? I think, that because you know that I want to leave, you acting all Mafia on me and people facing the exact situation. Where you practically accept us into your network, the minute we want to leave you're like ' you are not going anywhere'. Just release my number and stop being spiteful and lazy that you procrastinate on your own work.

The only reason you see this is because I have reached my peak of frustration, the highest level of annoyance and now I'm showing flames on all of y'all. What you're doing is wrong, unethical and unfair! Stop this and stop this now!
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Re: Porting OUT of Telkom!

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