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Still waiting for installation


I am still waiting for my ADSL line to be installed. It has been more than 3 weeks already.

Everytime I phone customer services the say the following: That I need to wait for the technician to phone me to make an app, because they can't assist me. The technician has not even phoned me yet to make an app. 

According to My Telkom my adsl is still in warehouse and is still pending.

Please can someone assist.




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Re: Still waiting for installation

Hi Tammy @Tammy7V


Sorry to see your post - so frustrating not getting feedback. Installations depend on available infrastructure and exchange bandwidth . It could take anything from a few days to weeks,  but should happen sooner if you already have a working landline.  


The forum can’t really help with service issues (we’re Telkom customers like you ). Their support centres can only tell you the same basics you can see on the portal.


Try posting your details, order number and any other refs you’ve been given on a Telkom social media channel - their dedicated support teams will usually escalate and send you proper feedback :-


* Facebook: TelkomZA

* Twitter:   @HelloTelkom

And email the same details to support@telkom.co.za


Hope this helps. Good luck - let us know what happens .

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Re: Still waiting for installation

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