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Telkom e-Mail not working

Telkom e-mail is currently not working but no notification to customers about the issue. Been waiting for an important e-mail since yesterday just to find out that their e-mail server has a problem. A message on your website would've been nice.....

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Re: Telkom e-Mail not working

Same problem here in Pietermaritzburg. Been struggling the whole yesterday....grrrr

any further info?

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Re: Telkom e-Mail not working

Hi @DeonV @Loupiet


Looks like their mail servers are playing up , so frustrating, no Telkom feedback.

Try using the webmail site meanwhile, I just tested - worked for me :-  https://webmail.telkomsa.net



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Re: Telkom e-Mail not working

Hi Can anyone from the Community or all that where where effected by the black out of emails from the 3rd give me some guidance,

1) Who to contact at telkom? apart from the ignorant and useless 10210

2) Where are my lost emails that where promised to me.

3) Management uncontactable.

4) Can we take Class action against Telkom?

5) Can I exit Telkom on non Delivery?

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