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1) i can't dial telkoms 081180... it does not even connect, from my mobile as well as from my land line

2) I paid my account R129 short in July, and I confirmed via telephone with customer call centre, I could pay it end of August and she aggreed all was in order, and that they would not cut my line.  they have not cut my line... I am supposed to pay reconnection fee as well... I am a student... my query has been escalated and I would appreciate this being resolved today.

3) I sent an affidavit to Telkom for the "fraudulent" contract they added to my account, and I requested my funds to be refunded to me. Telkom decided to resolve the query and credit me... who gave you the right to credit me.  you were not supposed to deduct in the 1st place.  now I must "wait for my money on a monthly basis".


This is completely unacceptable service.


I would appreciate a call back to have all my queries resolved.

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