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WAITING 5 weeks for a username and password !!!!

ive been waiting 5 weeks ... yes 5 weeks fora  username and password for my newly installed fibre connection through Vuma AIR .. apparently its been system down , then migration issues then new account creation issues and short of blowing a fuse i want to leave .. and then brings the next problem, if i leave i will be billed for the next 12 months because the accounting department wont get the message that i want to cancel my account . Ive witnessed three clients at northgate walk in and argue cancellation of service that has been lodged with telkom over the last few months and all are still being billed and black listed for credit ? it seems like Telkom needs me to show them how neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe can have an isp (Zimbabwe online ) and provide service that is still better then telkom in a country that has been through alot more and in a worse situation then South Africa ? What im saying ... jack up you need to stop being a BIG BLOATED COMMERCIAL entity and start at the basics, customer relationships, customer satisfaction and communication throughout . If my vumatel fibre connection cant be installed tell me so im aware, if i want to cancel my contract tell me who to speak to so i can cancel it and make your communication channels link so that the ball isnt dropped . You have more the wiling and able staff and they are glad to help but your systems and infrastructure let you DOWN !!!!! TOO MUCH RED TAPE!

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