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cancellation refund

I have been trying to get my refund for more than 35 days. Every week I will phone and all they can say is that they will escalate my query. Is there a email address or number I can phone to get more help with this. It would be much appreciated.

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Re: cancellation refund

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Hi @Tammy7V


We’re customers in the forum,  sorry to see what’s happening to you - so frustrating getting no feedback . Wish we could help but only a Telkom support channel can attend service issues , options here :-



 If you’re still battling try sending a detailed message to a Telkom media support team with cc to  support@telkom.co.za - best for decent feedback & results.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Include your contract details, refs,  & if poss. a copy Telkom bill reflecting the credit balance due to you .


Hope this helps, good luck - please let us know what happens.

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Re: cancellation refund

Good day,


I would like to log a complaint with Telkom.


I was using your ADSL line for my uncapped internet with MWEB. I’ve been using this line until 2015, then 2018 in October I cancelled my line with Mweb because I am relocation and renting out the apartment with the uncapped internet.


On the 24 November 2018, I cancelled my line with Telkom inside the shop on the system and I was given this reference 25782467. That day I was told to pay R1300 and some rands I paid it and I was told my line will be cancelled, until this day I’ve been calling and calling different departments at Telkom, Accounts department, customer care and technical support, I’ve spent hours and hours on the calls still my line is not cancelled.


I have lost rent for December and January because the tenant can’t move in while I still have that Telkom line. I have sent emails to different Telkom agents who promised they were gonna help me on the phone. And every month Telkom still deduct my account because for some miraculous reason they are failing to cancel my line. Please will you help me and take me out of this misery, I need my line closed. I have another tenant who need to move in 1st of March, I can’t lose this rent as well.


I am 38 weeks pregnant but I still drive to my old apartment to call Telkom with the landline , and this has given me so much stress that is not good for my baby , COULD YOU PLEASE ASSIST ME CLOSE THIS LINE  BECAUSE ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY TELKOM CANT CANCEL IT. I DON’T WANT TO GET TO A POINT WHERE I REVERSE YOUR DEBIT ORDERS , CAN WE DO THIS RIGHT. I WAS YOUR CUSTOMER FOR YEARS, BUT THE TREATMENT I AM RECEIVING IN THE END IS BEYOND WHAT I CAN BEAR!!!!


My cell number is 062 525 7752.


Number in connection 0114652806 


Below is the email from Mweb confirming that they have migrated your line back.


Hi Pretty

Thank you for calling us this morning.

I have captured a migrate back of the ADSL line to Telkom and it is currently pending on their system. The reference details are below :

Date Submitted 2019-01-04
Service Number 0114652806
Instruction MigrateBack
Submitted By AEbrahim
Own Ref Order Status 62796051-1
Openserve Order Ref 214568522A
Order Status Executing

Anisha Ebrahim
MWEB Client Services Administrator
Tel: 087 700 2121




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