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how do I cancel my contract with telkom

telkom is deducting more than they should and it's the 3rd month now. they deduct more money but put in less data, at first it wasn't like this now the data is less. and keep receiving messages that says I didn't pay R407 for two months and when it deduct it deduct more. I just can't take it anymore when I call them regarding this issue they just can't help me I feel like I have joined the Illuminati. please cancel the contract my phone numbers are as follows 0670195670 and 06701877391 ID 9108255457089
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Re: how do I cancel my contract with telkom

This is scary.  I think I'll cancel too, but I can't contact them because I'm abroad.  They have my bank details.  What shall I do?Man Sad

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Re: how do I cancel my contract with telkom

Hi, it's not safe to post your personal info here in the community as there could be also potential scammers, rather call 081 180 and choose option 8 to speak to an agent.
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