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Advice for Telkom

Hi all


I am posting this as advice, in all honesty and straightforwardness, for Telkom so that we all benefit and in no ways is this intended as anything but advice. I am new to the Community and have seen many posts of dissatisfied individuals and so I am doing this in the hope that Telkom does reach its full potential of being an Amazing Service Provider and We in turn receive Excelent service.


I have been with Telkom for umpteen years across many platforms and to date I am now a customer for Landline, Adsl and Mobile.

Across the years I have had hugely great experiences as well as, unfortunately, some outright terrible experiences which I am pretty sure can be avoided with some basic adjustments.


I have had contact with some staff that are excellent in all regards and absolutely effcient in their work knowledge as well as execution of their job.

On the other hand I have dealt with some that only know mere basics and seem to not have been trained fully for their respective departments and have a lack of important and integral information. At times I was even able to inform the respecgive individual of what to do.

I have also discovered recently of  lack of cross-department communication as I was told "We have no way of communicating with another department or sending them a message"


My Advice..

Ensure absolutely efficient training of saff giving them knowledge of everything and to a certain point knowledge beyond their own job description and department. Ensure that they know the basics of the cycle of the entire system and how it operates and the entire process of what a client has to go through from signing up till activation of the product. Enable inter-department communication and follow ups till the completion of the end product/customer query.

Furthermore to have a notification system for completed and cancelled orders - whereby a dedicated department is alerted and they follow up with the client as well as get feedback on the service received.

To achieve greatness and to keep it that way also requires thorough testing of staff once they have been taught as well as random checks and actual playback of calls etc. This would enable the strengthening of staff skills if any issues are found and this procedure is with the intention of perfecting the business.


As i stated earlier this is simply advice as I know that Telkom has the potential to be an Amazing Service Provider if not The Best.

Comments and advices from fellow community members will be great so feel free to air your thoughts and opinions. Remember the point of this is so that Telkom benefit and in turn we the Custmers benefit.


Thank You


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