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Cancelling my account

Good day

I called Telkom to cancel my contract and they told me, I can't do it over the phone and that I have to do it online or go to the store. I tried to do it online but my current account is not linked, evertime I try to link it online it gives me an error message that "id and number not linked/invalid " something along those lines.

Please assist, this has been going on for so long. They said it takes 21 days to cancel an account. And I want this account closed by the end of this month.

I have tried emailing, haven't got the response yet, I tried the chat thing, a lady on the other side tried to assist but we never got the otp number, until we decided to end the chat.

I went to the store again and some gentleman asked to log on to my profile, I did, we then waited for the otp number but the sms never, I waited for more than 30 minutes for the sms and it never came. I decided to leave, the sms came the following day.

When you call, they tell you to do it online, why is it so hard to cancel an account. I've been running around using every platform but no one has helped me.
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Re: Cancelling my account

Hi Molelekeng , 


This is EXACTLY the same thing that is happening to me - I have paid now for 8 months where it cant be cancelled - your post, word for word is what I am experiencing ... I am  now overseas and it is impossible to get a response from Telkom... 


Please stay in touch with me. Please let me know if any one from Telkom, on Telkoms own  website responds to you because no one has responded to my post yet... 


If there are other customers experiencing the same issue please make it known - its unaccpetable that you are directed to cancel online but Telkom's online portal cant fulfil the linking process and in turn locks customers in and keeps billing month after month after month... 


UNACCEPTABLE!!! This is thievery!!!

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Re: Cancelling my account

Same problem. Telkom have (deliberately?) made it almost impossible to cancel contracts. The new so-called 'easier' on-line process is actually just a dead-end because if your account is not linked to your profile you have no way of fixing it. Every request to Telkom just gets a response to do it myslef on line - but the on-line process does not work. This ensures a few more months of extra income. What can be done from a consumer rights point of view?


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Re: Cancelling my account

Sorted out now after technician phoned me on wrong number to fix my adsl line speed so he phoned head office to fix it


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