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Chat Support Suggestion



Would it be possible to add an option such as exporting or saving a chat when complete?


I have used chat support a few times and often information which is given during the chat instantly dissapears as the chat window closes when the agent logs off.



Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Chat Support Suggestion

Hi @wsjd79, I have tested and also see this. I see that if you click on the X in the top right, the next screen contains the full transcript, but no option to email. You would need to copy and paste to Word.


I have raised this with our Platform specialists. I know that it is functionallity of our backend communication system, but not sure yet when this will be available on the front end client. I will attempt to update you with info when I get it.


Thanks for suggesting this!

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Re: Chat Support Suggestion

Hi @AW,


Have you made any progress with this?


I just had another example when following up regarding a call that was closed without any communication.


A new fault number was issued, but the agent closed the window before I could copy the info.



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