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Down load peed not correct

I have a 2mbs lte wifi router on a 24 month contract but i notice when down loading the speed is only 34kbs what the hell i phone customare care they cant see any thing wrong i asked if i was throttle they said no then i ask then why all i got was they dont know this i a clear violation of the contract coditions i pay for atleast 2mbs but dont get it is this legal groud to cancel my contract or am i being decieved and telkom is commiting fraud what should i do go to my lauwers or can any one tel me why the speed check reads corect but the actual download is 34kbs  any awsers any on its costing me R800 ppm uncap am i geting wait i pay for or not


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Re: Down load peed not correct

The download speed has a lot of factors - it depends where the download file is kept and the speed of connection at that site. To really see your connection to your itnernet provider use a website or app like www.speedtest.net to test the connection to different servers.



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Re: Down load peed not correct

Yeah, I am sure it's a complex system they busy with it.


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