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Exceptional bad customer service !!

I signed up for a Telkom 2Gig deal, Iphone 8 264gig ram with 100 min to all Networks. The deal is clearly marked as an on-line deal only.

I was contacted, went through the approval, got approved and then the consultant read the deal back to me and not what I selected. 1 Gig instead of 2 Gig + I had to pay extra for the 100min to all Networks. I was asked to send screenshots and even went ons step furter to provide a link they can click on the view the deal ON-Line. That was the last I heard of Telkom and the sad part is you can't speak to any one. Sales does not know about this and you can't contact the department who deals with on-line applications.

What a sad way to for a company to take on new client.

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