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Invoice system BROKEN



Since last year August I stopped receiving my monthly LAND-LINE invoices. I tried downloading them, but to only see an error when I do ("Oops something went wrong."). 


I tried calling the call center and they are also unable to open any invoices. They logged multiple tickets with the IT department, but still no success...



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Re: Invoice system BROKEN

Yeah, I am sure it's a complex system they busy with it.
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Re: Invoice system BROKEN

i have written a whole Assignment Writing of the whole topic. where i also added the solution, you are lucky that i am here t\and tell about my research. when you faced any issue in the invoice. and the customer not to be paid, so ask on the email, before all the process you need to be an alternative way to contact. or the customer already paid so adjust with the future work because money is precious no one wanted to be wasted.

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