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MacBook Air - NO STOCK

Hi Telkom


I've been trying for a few weeks to get a MacBook Air. I've gone to three stores, the most recent being Canal Walk. I've emailed Grant at Canal Walk several times and received no reply and yes he has received them because I went back in to enquire and he confirmed he had received them! He also said they were getting stock on the 20th (Sunday??) and that he'd let me know the status but hasn't replied to my latest emails either. I've called the call centre and no one knows when or where you'll have stock. It's not a few days now, it's weeks and essentially this is false advertising.


I received a call back from the call centre in Pretoria last week and the lady told me I can get one at a mall in Joburg, After she asked where I lived in Cape Town. I asked when or where you'll have stock and she said she doesn't know and then put the phone down on me!!!!


This is shocking service.


Kind Regards


Neil Docking

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