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No service 2 weeks now

It's now 2 weeks without my phone line so no adsl no internet. You can phone all you get is lip service the on line chat doesn't work the web site us so confusing and disjointed what a useless business Telkom is, is everyone there grossly incompetent. I have now foolishly applied for a fibre connection also two weeks no response. I don't thing they deserve our business.
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Re: No service 2 weeks now

I understand your frustation, I am also without adsl and land line for 2 weeks, latest from them is that they dont have wires and need to order. I want to cancel my contract which is only 1 month old. I am going to speak to a lawyer becuase this is a breach of contract from Telkom side.  I am sick and tired of calling their ccall center, how can anybody run a business like they do and want to survive.

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Re: No service 2 weeks now

Thanks very much for that information. 


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