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Photography for Real Estate: Keys to Success

Photography for real estate is increasingly important when trying to sell a flat. Nowadays there is a great difference in the quality of the photograph made with a mobile phone or a professional camera. On the other hand, the latest trends such as 360º photography allow the user to explore all corners of the scene by moving the image in any direction.

If your economy does not allow you to hire a professional photographer, the world does not end and there are solutions so that your photographic work does not suffer. Doing a good photography course can save you many doubts and problems when you take pictures. In this article we will review the keys to the success of real estate videography and photography, which aims to show a careful and formal image of the product that we want to sell to our potential buyer.

What does photography contribute to real estate?

The first thing that should be noted about a good photography work is the added value that it gives to the floor we are trying to sell. If the client likes what he sees, he will be interested in what we are offering him. In addition, quality work will generate confidence and will make requests for information from our apartment very numerous.

Before starting to photograph it is essential to have a camera with all the features so that the final work you do is as professional as possible. In turn, we need the camera to have a wide-angle lens to obtain different types of perspectives, both indoors and outdoors. From there, we must follow a series of tips on how we have to take the pictures and review them below.

Complete team

If we have a professional SLR camera, we will have a lot of livestock in advance. Likewise, having a tripod, foot light, spotlights, flash bounce, remote trigger, reflectors or polarizer, will give us exceptional advantages to get some high quality photographs.

Places to photograph

This aspect is essential before starting any photographic work. It is necessary to be clear about what we want to show and it is basic to give the same value to the interior and exterior of the floor. Showing the environment of the property (the street, the sky, the views) is almost as important as showing the main rooms on the floor.

Featured photography

Without a doubt, choosing a correct highlighted photograph will make our ad win in visits and queries. To get the attention of the buyer we should choose the image that has the greatest impact on the public and that contains the necessary elements to arouse their interest.

Contrast of luminosity

Misplacing the camera can cause the picture to be too bright or with a contrast of light that will make it lose quality. Therefore, we must be careful and look for the right angle so that our photographs are clear and have the necessary light to appreciate all the elements of the property.

Amplitude and environment

It is advisable that the photographs we show offer the greatest possible extent of each room. If in the image you can see all or almost all of the elements that hold that space, we will be talking about an optimal and quality photograph. In this way, the buyer will get a pretty good idea of the floor that we are selling.

At the same time, recreating a pleasant atmosphere that avoids empty spaces will provide the photographic work with greater packaging and we will convert the property into a cozy space that will provoke the interest of the buyer.

In Post Production Studios In Dubai we are specialists in real estate photography, taking care of all the details, perfectly capturing the spaces and doing some careful post-production tasks in order to obtain the best results for our clients.

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