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SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid

[ Edited ]

I am absolutely shocked - There's no resolution to this error that Telkom made


  • Bought prepaid data on 29/11 - 40g day + 40g night owl 
  • 24 /12 topped up again - 40g day + 40g night owl
  • I still had a balance of +/- 11g night owl from November - I assume would expire 29/12
  • 26/12 Telkom closed/ceased my prepaid number
  • Called the call center - I was advised by the agent she will escalate the matter
  • 28/12 called the call center again as I had no resolution - The call center agent said no escalation was done and a new call was logged - Case number 22140712
  • The number was reactivated on the 30/12 however all the data was deleted
  • I went into the Cresta store - Requested assistance from the technical team, whom were so unhelpful.
  • Eventually the only person in the store that assisted me logged another call as critical - Case number 22156252.
  • I am not sure what critical means in Telkom cases but to date I haven't had any feedback.
  • Called the call center again on two occasions for feedback 03/01 and 05/01 - and get the same response - The case is being attended to.
  • Called again 11/01 for an update - Spoke to Eugene - Now Ive been told the case was reopened on the 03/01 - And is still being investigated - I should wait 9 business days for resolution. 


Telkom this absolutely shocking, if you can’t honor these data sales then don’t offer, 

Its been 3 weeks without service. 

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