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Train one-stop customer servants

All Telkom customers struggle to find help.  We would all be happy with a one-stop call centre that takes ownership of a request or problem by interacting with other sections of Telkom on our issue. That could stop us being sent from one person to another and another.


These problem solvers would be able to notify skills problems in any section to the right manager.


When the solution is ready, the customer could get one correct reply to the issue.


Surely our tele-communications managers can implement this without delay.

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Re: Train one-stop customer servants

Hi @ironscf, thanks for the suggestion. The idea of a universal agent is not new, and our call centres do attempt to do multi-skilling. In a company the size of Telkom, there is so much to cover that it is difficult for an agent to know everything and still be a super agent. It is however still an ongoing plan. We are in the meantime trying everything we can do to improve self service via digital channels, so watch this space for future initiatives.

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Re: Train one-stop customer servants

[ Edited ]

This problem has been going on for years. Telkom has not got much more
time. Fibre competition is getting stronger quickly.

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Re: Train one-stop customer servants

Thanks, that is exactly what I wanted to know. 

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