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Unique features of the react native framework

I have always wondered to develop mobile apps but it was never my forte however, there are no options and frameworks that have made the task of designing apps easier so at least I can opt for app design, if not development. One core framework is the react native framework that has been derived from JavaScript. It is easier to create react native app as the same UI component can be utilized wherever you want to. That is highly simplistic and this notion has its own advantages that maybe most people are not aware of. What else do you know about the framework?

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Re: Unique features of the react native framework


React Native by facebook


React is high level abstraction for development of mobile apps if you are advanced in ECMAScript 2016/ESNEXT. It's going to benefit you when building your apps. I use Android studio and Xamarin Forms for Apps Activity/Component abstractions. JavaScript is used widely these days.

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