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Unused Telkom Simcard

I bought a July Special LTE Router from MondoTelkom, the Telkom sim card was damaged, it never read on any phone, the router lite was red evryday but when i try another sim card the router worked, i called Mondo they told me to go to nearest store, its 200km away from where i am, i phoned telkom and they took time to get back to me, the only thing they told me was to do a sim swop, meaning i have to go to the store to do that (the nearest store is in rustanburg and i am in mafikeng, North West).


I called Mondo and we agreed that i will return the Device and the sim card, on the 11 of august i had it couriored to Durban to Mondo offices. 


Yesterday, 29 September i received an SMS of Telkom debit order of R1400. 


why did you move Telkom store from Mafikeng? and what is that R1400 for, because io never used the Device and the sim card, it was returned within 20 days (it was delivered and activated  on the 2nd  of Agust, returned on the 11th of Agust).



Angry customer

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