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Worst service ever

I Upgraded on the 18th of Jan, my decision to upgrade earlier than planned was the 10GB pm x 3 promo, this would save me some cash as I did need a new phone and a decent data bundle as well.

To date I have not received the promotional data. I contacted the call centre on Saturday morning, the consultant advised that the store has the authority to load it and only them since I did the upgrade there. I went to the store on Monday, as Telkom was offline I was requested to write down my details and query so that it could be actioned later. I also advised that the charger cable was faulty but I would have to return the device as well in order to simply have a charger cable replaced.

By the end of the next day the data was still not loaded so I returned to the store (which I cannot call because you are redirected to a call centre line). At the store I found that my query was still not attended to or even lodged on the system. I had now driven out to Telkom Westgate twice (out of my way, as this was the closest store with stock at the time).
I requested that unless I be compensated for my inconvenience and the poor service which could have been in the form of a free 1GB bundle (So that I don't have to purchase my own data any longer), I would cancel the contract. I am still within my right to cancel as it is within 7 days of the upgrade, there is a fault with my unit (charger), and poor service (value not received as advertised). I had the device, still in new condition with the box, etc ready to hand back but my cancellation request was refused unless I agreed to paying the cancellation fee.

By the time I receive the data this month, it will be too late to enjoy the full benefit of it, I have already purchased data on another data sim card anyway. I request that Telkom compensates me by extending the 10GB by another month, or if no compensation can be agreed upon I will escalate this to the relevant telecoms mediator/ombudsman as my cancellation request was refused while I was within my right to.
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