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1 year without resolve - LTE

It started off roughly 2 years ago. I signed up for a 50Gb/50Gb nightcrawler by clicking on the advert on Telkom's website.


After about a week I was up and running with download speeds up to 48mbs. Great for almost a year, unitl I downloaded a 22Gb file after 00:00. A day later my data was finished. I inquired with Telkom who confirmed I had used up all my data. This was not possible as I should have at least 30Gb of my daytime package left. Turns out I had no off-peak data in my contract as advertised, and the large download was deducted off my normal daytime usage. Long story short, I had to sign up for a new 2 year contract which would include day and night data whilst they cancelled the initial contract. 


The new package worked ok for about a year, and then the speed simply deteriorated to between 5 and 10mbs. It has taken a year of logging case after case without resolve. R699 per month. Even getting into my car and driving to Telkom HQ in Centurion did not help. Sent from pillar to post because no-one there actually knows who deals with customer services. Telkom Head office, the big communications chief in the country, Centurion HQ, huge buildings that look like you walked into the Google offices...the big Cahoona...no-one...not one person I approached had a clue. The staff manning the lobby desks were looking at me with their lunch sauce dripping down their chins in amazement...who is this person asking these difficault questions forcing us to actually think! "yoo've **bleep** too da rong ples" was the only demeaning response I received" with their dull stare and shrugging of the shoulders. You know, that 'I really do not give a **bleep** about you...now go away' attitude. Yes, that is Telkom Head Office for you.


Now, with the above said, how the hell can anyone hope to ever have their Telkom issues resolved????

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Re: 1 year without resolve - LTE

hi. best way to get this sorted is to contact the telkom social team on twitter and facebook. not much we can do here if it's a contract or profile issue. i use @HelloTelkom from time to time on twitter.

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