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3G on LTE devices

Hello. Excuse my ignorance, but I am in an area which, according to Telkom, does not have LTE coverage. We would like to get wi-fi for our home, but most the router devices offered by Telkom all seem to be LTE. My question is, in the absence of LTE coverage will these devices then simply operate on 3G? I have asked customer service about this but received conflicting advice from different people. I don't want to take out a contract with a device that I can't use. If anyone can help with this i'd be most grateful!

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Re: 3G on LTE devices



The LTE  (B315, E5573) and the LTE-A (B618) devices will work on a 3G signal. These routers "fail" over to 3G if there is no 4G (LTE) or 4.5G/4G+ (LTE-a) signal. Anyways you will be future proofing your purchase, should LTE coverage extend to your area.

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Re: 3G on LTE devices

Just to add what @SBM has said. You can take a FreeMe 500MB bundle for R69 and do some testing of your own. Do not always trust the coverage map as some areas do infact have LTE[A] but have not been shown on the map.


Once you are satisfied, you can take it from there ^_^ .


Anything more, don't hesitate to ask on here. Man Very Happy

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Re: 3G on LTE devices

Thank you so much - that is very helpful indeed. I am thinking of doing that.

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Re: 3G on LTE devices

That helps - thanks very much for responding!

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Re: 3G on LTE devices

Thanks for the Fi Guys


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