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Re: 500GB Night Surfer

The 500Gb for R50 promotion has ended on 5th of May 2018. It is possible that as part of the Mo'nice promotion, you could be offered a 450Gb option, but it is not guaranteed and it might only be once off. Since the offers are customized, you never know until you check.

I have 2 pre-paid LTE SIM cards and neither of them have the 450Gb option. The one has a R5 for 5Gb option, but you can only buy it 2 times. So kind of useless. The other SIM has no night-time data option at all.

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Re: 500GB Night Surfer

Hi @Tioqo

Yes I recall a post saying you can do this by changing the tariff on your contract sim  (the person was helped at a Telkom store) .

You can also change the tariff plan on data bundles  via *180# ,  or login & follow the prompts on Telkom’s portal :



....Before you go for it  just double check your signal’s from a Telkom tower as night surfer data is only available on their network - won’t work on MTN roaming.  


As @SynergyZAsays, the 500G night surfer offer ended 5 May - more  info on this thread :




Hope this helps

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Re: 500GB Night Surfer

ola how do you buy 5gb for R5? please help


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