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Advice needed for B315 Router Equipment

Hey guys,


So my B315 router will be arriving in JAN 2018 considering that courier places are closing now and would like to find out in the meantime what equipment would I need for the following. Im getting my Router through Mweb and dont think it will come with a External anntenna. What equipment would I need to get the best reception? Like what external anntenna would you recommend? Links would be highly appreciated. I have no real clue on how to set these things up so please keep that in mind. Ill have to either do some reading on it or get someone to install this for me.


I would also like to know what range extenders should I get to keep the reception quality at its best in my home and our granny flat. Considering that the router will be based inside my home and Id like good reception in the granny flat as well.


Thanks in advance for all the advice and information!

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