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Antenna Installation - Uncapped Wireless Broadband

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I'd like to know the experience from others who have this deal and have had Telkom "contractors" install their antenna. I'm signed up for this deal and I'm just waiting for my equipment but a colleague just had a bad experience with the guys who came to install his antenna. He says they didn't know how to test the signal and perform calibration. He had to tell THEM the direction of the base station (something which most people won't even know), and they wouldn't even route the cable through the roof for him - he has to run it through a window. They will only mount using the equipment provided in the box - if you want the antenna on a mast of some sort, I guess you'll have to provide that yourself.

Basically it seemed like Telkom found the first and cheapest person/company to perform the installation of the antenna, and that was their only job - to install an antenna at particular address with no concern for the quality of work, or the quality of the internet service which the customer is paying for. This is in Port Eizabeth and the offering is still new, so I'm wondering if this isn't just a case of Telkom not being ready to install these things and using anybody just because customers expect the installation.


EDIT: just heard from another colleague (the two signed up at the same time) and it was the same story. The guys are useless. They rocked up in something the size if a Hyundai i10 and didn't even have a ladder. He told them to just leave and he'll sort it out himself. Obviously the people haven't been vetted and in the end it just looks bad for Telkom

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Re: Antenna Installation - Uncapped Wireless Broadband

Hi @Maik


Try and contact us on our Social Media Channels

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Re: Antenna Installation - Uncapped Wireless Broadband

my modem was delivered 3 weeks ago and up tilll now, no one has come to install my antenna. I've been calling 10210 who answers after an hour wait answers and transfers me to another department.That department then tells me to call 081187 which asks for an authentication number. I've called all the numbers and no one can tell me whats happening or when it will be installed.


when i applied for the LTE,I had to call after a week to confirm my details because no one contacted me.When i recieved my modem I had to call to activate my sim.This is pathetic servive from telkom

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Re: Antenna Installation - Uncapped Wireless Broadband



Did you get the issue sorted yet? This is for increasing your LTE signal right?



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