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Anytime Data & Night Time Data issues

Hi guys,


I'm new to this forum so thanks to all for a good platform where I can ask questions express my opinion and also look for answers.


I've recently obtained a LTE router from Telkom (effective 18 April 2018). 

This is the 20GB anytime data and 20GB night time data for R270pm.


Having obtained my subscription middle of the month I only received pro-rata data (10GB anytime and 10GB night time).


The problem I'm experiencing is as follow:

I downloaded a couple of things using my night surfer data (after midnight). When I checked my usage it seems like I hardly ever used my night surfer data.  I don’t have any remaining anytime data left and only have about 5GB night time data left.  The things I downloaded after midnight was way above 5GB. Which means I should have far less than 5GB left on my night surfer data. This is clear to me that it took from my anytime data.


Can someone please shed some light on this?


My current usage is as follow:

Wi-Fi data Unlimited Speed (10GB left / 0GB used)

Inclusive SmartBroadband Data (0GB left / 5GB used)

Included Telkom Mobile Night Surfer Data (1GB left / 5GB used)

Campaign Welcome bonus messaging (5 items left / 0 Items used)

Recurring LTE/LTE-A Night Surfer Data (5GB left / 0GB used)

Recurring LTE/LTE-A Anytime Data (GB left / 5GB used)


Things to mention:

Me and my wife are on Cell C network

I used my laptop to download after midnight.

Also used my cellphone to download and browse after midnight.


Thanks, much appreciated


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Re: Anytime Data & Night Time Data issues



Welcome to the community !  Yes, I also found plenty of answers to our issues last year … so nice to know other customers are happy to help each other.  


I’m guessing you might be too far from a Telkom tower to pick up their LTE signal . Night surfer data is only available on Telkom LTE network, so if you’re not in range of a Telkom tower your signal roams to MTN and usage will be from your normal package data .


Hope this helps.

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