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Authentication Error: Telkom WiFi data at Telkom WiFi Spots using secondary device

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I am unable to link a Secondary Device (laptop) in the Telkom WiFi spots, despite setting it up correctly (MyTelkom-Service Active-Set Wifi password-done, use EAP-PEAP method, logon with number@telkommobile.net & password) but still gives an authentication error at various WiFi Spots trying to connect to "1 Telkom Connect".


I have reset the WiFi password on MyTelkom, as well as the MyTelkom password, and retried with updated passwords. I was able to use this service in the past.

Unsuccessful logon since September 2017.  Have logged calls - no response from Telkom.

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Re: Authentication Error: Telkom WiFi data at Telkom WiFi Spots using secondary device

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Hi, I have been experiencing the same problem as you for over a month now.  I am not sure if Telkom has changed something, because it happenned during a period when I was experiencing LTE bandwidth issues.  I am speculating if this is a system error, because SIM verification works but not verification via PEAP userid & password verification.  I have 3 different data contracts, of which 2 are for mobile phones and the third is a fixed LTE modem.  I have tried many times to reset the password like you and still no joy.  My secondary device is a tablet which was working for over a year without any problems until I tried to change the login to one of my other contracts to make better utilisation of my data.


I hope other users add to this list just to show that this problem is not an isolated case.

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Re: Authentication Error: Telkom WiFi data at Telkom WiFi Spots using secondary device

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Hi mcnamaramail


I have a fair bit of experience with this as I have a Telkom wifi allocation every month myself.


Highly likely, but cannot confirm, Telkom prevents users from connecting 2 devices on the same wifi allocation at once aside from the authentication being EAP-PEAP or EAP-SIM.


What I can confirm is that if I turn my device wireless adapter off and on again, I'm also presented with an authentication problem which likely means that the previous connection hasnt timed out yet for reconnection on the same login details.


If I may suggest your next attempt, "Forget" the network credentials of "1 Telkom Connect" from all devices on your person and then start connecting the devices one by one making sure they connect to different wifi packages.


If the wifi authentication problem returns, "Forget" the network AP and wait 5 minutes and try again.


I really look forward to you posting the results here.

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