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B315 Router WPA2 security patch

HI Guys. When can we expect a Firmware update to fix the major security issue on the WPA2 protocol? 

Also ... please fix the channel width. It currently only allows a 20Mhz channel. 

Before the 2300Mhz bandwidth option was changed, I could still set the channel to a wider 40MHz option.

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Re: B315 Router WPA2 security patch

early days mate...


check this link -


Maybe not as bad as we think.



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Re: B315 Router WPA2 security patch

Not really early days. Most other vendors has got patches already. This was only made public now but, the device manufacturers was let known a few months ago already. They kept it out of the press to give the hardware guys enough time to come up with the fix before going public. 

That is only part of my request though.

I also need / want the wide channel as I have several devices connecting to the router that is very high bandwidth users. Not so much connecting to the WAN, but Network Storage that is shared between devices. With the 20 MHz width(only uses 1 channel), it is much slower than what it was with the 40Mhz width (uses 2 channels at any time)

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